Dragon ridge golf

Life goes interesting when there is a game, challenge, adventure, and thrill. How many of us don’t love playing, or seeking adventure in real life? Definitely, the answer would be “No” from us as we all are fond of playing games right from our childhood and yet. There are many sports activities that grasp the attention of viewers and create a great impact in the hearts of people to get crazy over some particular names. Games are more important in one’s life as it plays a vital role in every individual’s life that keeps our body and mind always active and energetic which is equal to exercises, yoga, meditations, and lot more. It keeps our mind relax and builds our concentration to aim in a particular work by paying our full attention towards it.

Golf course

Among many games, golf is mostly enjoyed all over the world by both players and fans. Moreover, it mainly requires concentration and focused mind through which one can earn many titles, awards, and rewards. The golf game includes hitting a ball with a club, trying hard to hit directly the ball towards the hole on the green. The golf course consists of the green area commonly called as the fairway, 18 holes, golfers based on the holes, and lot more. In Michigan, there are many golf courses, but Dragon ride golf is the best place to enjoy in playing the game as they mainly focus on entertaining the people who come there.

As it is now commonly played by many people, to increase the difficulty and to take it as a real-life challenge, the levels of grass are varied. At initial levels, before moving to the upcoming complications, the holes are designed with a direct line-of-sight from the teeing area to the green, while some holes may design to bend either to the left or right commonly called as a dogleg left or dogleg right. If the bend of the hole is twice, then it is named as double dogleg. This course may also consist of international barriers such as sand dunes or lakes. This would be the toughest challenge to build as the golfer if hits the ball to the hazardous area, then the next swing must be from that area to hit the new ball.

Ultimate golf club of Michigan

The professional staffs of this golf course guide every golfer before they begin to enter into the grass. But for regular players like Tom Fazio, Arthur Hills, Tom Doak, and Jack Nicklaus had created a world-class golf destination. Also, there is a lot of histories about our club as many players had won the challenges and they are rewarded as unbeatable golfers of Michigan City. We allow advance tee time reservations including future and on day reservation can be made directly. Our professionals ask you some information while requesting for tee time like request date of play, time range, a number of players accompanying, last and first name, and other personal information to contact or address you directly about the reservation..

Most of the golf courses lie in grasslands either hilly regions or flat surfaces. Our club is situated in the hilly places with top most beautiful attractions and scenic beauties which would be the most pleasant moments for the guests as well as for the golfers. It grasps the attention of the guests through its panoramic views, flowering wetlands, bent grass tees, fairways, and green plants in a spotless maintained space, offers the golfer a visually stimulating and pleasant experience. This club would be the perfect place to get an edge on the golf game.

Golfers can hit the 18 holes in two segments splitting into two-nines. The opening nine holes are quite easy to hit with fewer penalties difficulties. Whereas the second half- nine would be the toughest challenge which takes place in different regions to bring the curiosity and mental relaxation to the players. The golfer’s scores are typically expressed as the difference between the player’s number of strokes and the par score and most players have crossed with great scores as they find our club as the toughest and challenging course to beat in the city.

General rules

There are basic rules and requirements for a golfer before he gets into the open space to hit the ball. He needs a set of clubs similar or lesser than 14 which are of varying lengths and sizes, a golf bag, and golf balls are essential. A team of golfers can be of either two or three people or not more than that. This game can be played by anyone who enjoys a nice walk and never break their mindset against learning the rules can begin and hit the ball. Among many professional golf players play, guests feel excited about seeing the amateur players who still bring a passion for the game.
Guests and players are provided with high quality and delicious food as well as beverages. Also, guests can go for a long walk with their furry friend to view the scenic attractions and panoramic views of the entire city and this would be the perfect place to capture those delightful moments with your family and friends. Moreover, we organize a party for those winners, participants and provide them cool wines and drinks to make them feel privileged in visiting our place.

About Dragon ride Golf

In Michigan, one of the most crowdie spots is the Dragon ride Golf where all the people participate and watch the game with interest and curiosity. Each hole features five sets of tees which brings the ability of the players who are about to play the challenge. Guests often visit here during sunny days to have a relaxed walk over the grasslands and spend time with their family and friends. All varieties of cuisines and drinks will be offered and also people can find many hotels and restaurants to accommodate and do fun-filled activities.

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